CCÉM 2023 — 30e anniversaire

19-23 juin

Conférences plénières

Catherine Sulem

Catherine Sulem

University of Toronto

Titre: The Dynamics of Ocean Waves

Résumé: Many aspects of mathematical analysis were originally motivated by the study of fluid dynamics; in particular, waves and currents in bodies of water. I will discuss how mathematical analysis combined with asymptotic theory and accurate numerical simulations contributes, in turn, to a better understanding of the dynamics of ocean waves both at the surface of the ocean and in its interior, in regular situations and in extreme events.

Jonathan Korman self portrait

Jonathan Korman

University of Toronto

Titre: The projective plane and its relation to perspective drawings

Résumé: During the Renaissance artists figured out the visual principles of central perspective where two parallel lines seem to meet at infinity. Later mathematicians constructed the projective plane \(\mathbb P^2\) and higher projective spaces \(\mathbb P^n\). We will define the projective plane, explore some of its properties, and consider applications to perspective drawings. As an examples we will study one-point and two-point perspective, and also look at anamorphic art and cubism.

  • Askold Khovanskii
  • Asif Zaman
  • Lisa Jeffrey
  • Sarah Mayes-Tang
  • Jonathan Korman
  • Lindsey Shorser
  • Duncan Dauvergne